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Brad's book, The Story of Grace, is now available in both PAPERBACK and DIGITAL.

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Digital books can be ordered from anywhere in the world and will be sent to your email.

DIGITAL copies of Brad's books and booklets are also available and will be sent to your email.

All paperback orders will take a week to tens days for delivery.

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We hope these books help you discover the riches of God's grace freely given to you in Jesus!

The Story of Grace PAPERBACK $23 - USA ORDERS ONLY (price includes processing, shipping, and handling)

The Bible says that God gave us grace in Christ before time began. So what does this mean? This means that God's purpose for time is for the unfolding of his grace to the human race. Time is for the revelation of God's unconditional love, unearned blessings, unmerited kindness, and unlimited forgiveness to us all. Simply put, the purpose of time is for the story of his grace to intersect with the story of our lives. When the story of his grace intersects with the story of our lives, our lives will never be the same. In "The Story of Grace", Brad Robertson shares when the story of grace intersected with the story of his life, changing his life forever. As a result of this eternal impact of God's grace upon his life, Brad's passion is to tell others about the story of God's grace. In this life-changing book, Brad clearly shares the unfolding of God's grace to the human race. He shares about God's unconditional love, unearned blessings, unmerited kindness, and unlimited forgiveness freely given to us in Jesus before time began, and, through the life of Jesus, how God's grace was revealed to the world. Through Jesus, the story of God's grace intersected with the stories of many people's lives, changing their lives forever. The story of God's grace continues to intersect with the story of people's lives today. As you read this book, Brad's prayer is that the story of God's grace will intersect with the story of your life, changing your life forever, too!

When the story of grace intersects with the story of your life, your life will never be the same!




Addicted To Grace
Digital Version ($10)
Addictions are the leading cause of death in the USA. Every 19 minutes someone dies from an addiction. If you have an addiction, are recovering from an addiction, have a family member with an addiction, work with people with addictions, or simply want to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, then Addicted To Grace is for you! 


Clearing Up The Confusion On 1 John 1:9
When it comes to first John 1:9, many people are confused about its meaning. On one hand they are taught that Jesus died for all their sins, then encouraged to place their faith in Jesus to have all their sins forgiven. On the other hand, after placing their faith in Jesus, they are then taught they need to continually confess their sins to God to stay forgiven and in fellowship with him. So on one hand they are taught come to Jesus and have all their sins forgiven, then on the other hand they are taught to continually confess their sins to God, asking for his forgiveness and striving to stay in fellowship with him through confession and forgiveness. This is confusing! Through this small booklet, I hope to clear up the confusion many have by clearly teaching on the meaning of 1 John 1:9 in context.


Paul and James: Were They Really In Agreement?                               DIGITAL VERSION ($5)

The major belief held by most Bible teachers and preachers is that Paul and James are actually complementary of one another in that Paul talks about justification that comes by faith and James speaks of the works resulting from the faith that justifies. One popular way of explaining this is that Paul teaches on the root of justification, which is faith, and James focuses on the fruit of justification, which is works. But are James and Paul really teaching the same about justification? Are they really in agreement? Are they really in alignment? Are they really complimentary of one another? Or, is it possible they really are in disagreement and unaligned in what they taught on justification? And, if they are in disagreement, are there historical and biblical reasons for their disagreement? Furthermore, if they are not unified in their understanding of justification, does this mean the Bible has lost its credibility, making it no longer trustworthy? Then, as some Bible teachers believe, "since a Bible divided against itself cannot stand", should we then throw out the whole Bible? It is my desire in comparing the views of Paul and James to answer these questions, allowing Scripture to speak for itself, rather than allowing Bible teachers and preachers to speak for Scripture.


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