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When the story of God's grace intersects with the story of your life, your life will never be the same!

In 1991, Brad's life was completely changed after reading Classic Christianity written by Bob George. In this book, Bob George communicated the truths of the new covenant of grace found in the books of Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Hebrews. Since this time, Brad's life has never been the same. When the story of God's grace intersected with the story of his life, his life changed forever.

As a result of this life-changing impact of God's grace on Brad's life, his one passion is to teach more and more people about the transforming truths of grace. Through his in-depth, yet simple teaching on grace, thousands of lives have been changed. 

One way he communicates the good news of God's grace is through The Story of Grace Conference. This conference is a 6 session conference which includes music and multi-media. The conference can be held in one day, or over the course of two or three days. The conference has impacted the lives of many people.

If you would like to bring The Story of Grace Conference or any other conference he offers to your church or retreat, please contact Brad at He would love to talk with you! 

Other Conferences

Addicted To Grace Conference

The Addicted To Grace Conference is designed to bring hope and healing to those suffering with addiction by communicating to them the life-changing truths of God's grace freely given to us in Jesus, releasing them from the shame, guilt, and condemnation which fuels much of their addiction.

Embraced By The Father's Love Conference

The Embraced By The Father's Love Conference is designed to draw people close to the love of our Father in an authentic, genuine relationship as modeled for us through the intimate relationship between Jesus and the Father.

Experiencing The Riches Of God's Grace Conference (Ephesians)

Paul prayed that the spiritual eyes of the Ephesian believers would be opened so they could see and experience the riches of God's grace freely, fully, and, forever given to them in Christ. In the Experiencing The Riches Of God's Grace Conference, we take a closer look at these riches as we study Paul's life-changing letter to the Ephesians.

Grace-Filled Families Conference

We all want the perfect family. We want our marriages to be perfect. We want our children to be perfect. Yet, reality is, there are no perfect families. The truth is....we all need grace! This conference is not about how to have the perfect marriage or children, but how to fill your family with grace in the middle of your families imperfections

Paul: The Man, The Message, The Mission Conference
Paul was the great communicator of grace...the great ambassador of grace. In this conference, we learn about Paul...his message of grace...and his mission to share God's grace with as many people as possible and to start grace-based churches around the world!

The Church: God's Strategy For Reaching People With And Teaching People About Grace

There are many church planting conferences and church growth conferences. But in these conferences, are we missing the biblical purpose of churches? We find in the Bible that churches were originally established in the book of Acts to be communication and educational centers of grace to people in cities all over the world. However, very few people are taught about God's grace in their church. Churches are God's strategy to reach people with grace and teach people about grace, resulting in life-transformation. In this conference, we take a fresh look at God's purpose for churches, and how your church can reach people with grace and teach people about grace!

The Freedom Of Grace Conference (Galatians)

The Freedom of Grace Conference is an in-depth conference on Paul's letter to the Galatians. In this conference, we discover how grace frees us from the requirements of religious systems and the control of religious leaders as we learn of our freedom in Christ and our Father's love!

The Story Of Grace Conference

2 Timothy 1:9 says God gave us grace in Christ before time began. The Bible is the unfolding of this life-changing story of God's grace. In this conference, we follow this story from Genesis through Revelation, exploring the truths of God's grace along the way! 

The Transforming Truths Of The New Covenant Conference

The truths of the New Covenant are transforming! God promised the New Covenant of Grace would replace the Old Covenant of Law. Through Jesus, he established the New Covenant. In this conference, we examine the exciting and life-transforming truths of the New Covenant of Grace.

If you would like to bring one of Brad's conferences to your church, retreat, or event, please contact Brad at He would love to speak with you!

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